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The effect of saline concentration and storage temperature in the quality of Sharri cheese


Mergim Mestani 1, Xhavit Ramadani 1, Tahire Maloku Gjergji 2, Hajrip Mehmeti 1, Arsim Ademi 3 and

Ibrahim Mehmeti 1,3 *

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Determination of biogenic amines in cheese by nanofiber solid phase extraction-reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography with pre-column derivatization

Author: Hongyang Pan 1*, Xiaoying Zeng 2, Baokun Zhu 2, Liang He 2, Tougen Liao 2, Wei Zhe 2, Shuying Wang 1, Bo Jiang 1 and Mingfeng Wang 2*

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