Publication fees

Authors will be informed by email once their manuscripts have reached our editorial office.

After a reviewing process (between 4 and 5 months) we will send a note of acceptance or non-acceptance for publication of the manuscript by email. If the manuscript is accepted we will send you the acceptance letter, copyright form and the publication fees (§: j.policy) by email.

The Author may choose whether to have  the print copy of the journal or simply a pdf file of hisor her own article with a free online subscription.

We charge the publication fees by the number of pages (excluding tax, postage costs or handling fees). The invoice will be sent by email,only.

Only those who have paid the publication fees will receive by email (Pdf file) the galley proof for a quick and final check. We, therefore, request you to send us all your emails. Please make sure that your postal address is complete and correct so that you will receive an online access to download the published article.  To avoid all possible misunderstanding, we suggest a direct communication with the corresponding author (§: j.policy).

If the length of the submitted paper is more than four pages, an additional charge of € 20 / €10 (developed / developing countries) per page (excluding the postage cost) will be added.

Author(s) whose library or department has subscribed to the journal (or bought some books from WFL publisher) will benefit from a discount.

1 page size A4: double space; font 12; margins: 2.5 Page charge:

Accepted manuscripts will be published with the understanding that the author will pay a charge which covers: Publishing manuscript, only.

However, and due to the high costs we are facing, there will be extra charges for the reviewing, design, administration or communication services, as well as for papers that are not well-written and require intensive work / checking, scientific editing (time consuming), copy-editing, improvement or corrections to meet the journal standard. Kindly note that there will be extra fees for printed versions of the journal (printing, mailing, the tax rate).

The Author may choose whether to have a pdf file of his/her own article with a free online access / subscription (low cost). There is no more a print copy of the journal which is costing rather more. We encourage Authors to purchase online versions of their papers, if possible.

  Online publishing of manuscript(s)  Developed countries  Developing countries
 1 page size A4: double space; font 12; margins: 2.5  € 90  € 60

Only accepted manuscripts will be published between 4 and 5 months.

The JFAE promotes the publication of research or review papers. During the past few years, the total time taken for peer reviewing, copy-editing, and publishing has drastically reduced. For quick evaluation, authors can submit their well written manuscripts through email. The Author must follow the writing instructions and journal policy  (§: Instructions) very carefully.

Our objective is to inform the authors of the decision taken on their manuscript within the earliest time possible.
Following the acceptance of the manuscript, the signed copyright form along with the copy of the publication fees should be sent by registered mail before the deadline and the paper will normally be published in the next available issue (§: journal policy).

Reprint order rates >>>
Should you wish to order reprints, please fill the reprint order form and send it by email and or registered mail to us. Reprints will be made and mailed immediately after proof checking.