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The Scientific Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (JFAE) has four issues per volume. The last two journal issues are based on one combined  journal issue (3 and 4), only (read more). Subscribers can have limitless access to the online journal, however for hard copies a maximum of 3 or 4 of the same volumes per year will be sent. 
A supplementary issue of the print journal and or other single issues may be purchased (read more). Non-subscribers may use our trial version of the online journal temporarily.

Subscribers should send us a completed JFAE subscriber application form. Upon receipt, we will send you an invoice for payment. After you have paid the subscription fees, we will send you a username name and the password. We will add all IP addresses on the journal server to allow subscribers to get access to the journal. 

We invite you to send us a signed subscription order and pay as a foreign payment (all charges should be paid by the customer) or by Visa or Master Card.

We encourage subscribers to subscribe to the online version of the journal. We are reducing the amount of the print journal (From 2015 the printed version of the journal is stopped).  However,  there are still some print copies of the journal for those who have paid a subscription for both the print and online journal versions.

Institutional rates

Print journal

€ 1190
€ 990

Online journal

€ 900
€ 800

Print journal + online journal

€ 1300
€ 1100
  • Electronic ISSN: 1459-0263                                                                                             
    (From 2015 the printed version of the journal is stopped)

  • For payment, we request you to send a signed order with the copy of the payment made either as a  foreign payment (all charges should be paid by customers) or by credit card such as Visa or Master Card to us by airmail.

  • For payment by cheques or drafts! Kindly add 40 euro extra (handling and administration fees). Thus make a foreign payment (all or full charges to be paid by the customer) or pay by credit card such as Visa or Master Card.

  • Any delay in subscription will result in the late access or mailing of the Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment.

  • The mailing of any material or products might be delayed sometimes  for various reasons (Kindly contact your post before contacting us). However, we will keep our clients or subscribers informed about the situation (Author notification ; Legal notice).