Order rates

Issue order rates

A supplementary issue of the print journal and or other single issues may be purchased. Please include the year and volume or issue number when ordering (mailing and handling costs will be added). You may send us the Journal-Order-Form by e-mail or airmail. Please download the Journal-Order-Form.


Developed Countries

Developing Countries

JFAE (one issue)





€ 640

€ 540

€ 500

€ 390

For payment, we request you to send us a signed order (below) and the payment should be:

  • Made either as a foreign payment (all charges should be paid by customers) or by credit card such as Visa or Master Cards (see below, the form).

  • For payment by cheques or drafts! Kindly add 40 euros extra (handling and administration fees). Thus make a foreign payment (all/full charges to be paid by the customer) or pay by credit cards.

  • If you face difficulties in sending the requested payment, kindly contact us.

Reprint order rates

  • Should you wish to order reprints of a specific manuscript, please fill in the reprint order form and send it to us directly. A minimum of 15 reprints can be ordered (handling, parcels, mailing charges are included).

  • Reprints will be mailed earlier than the hard copy of the journal. Please send us the complete postal address to avoid any possible delay.

  • Download the reprint order form

Article reprints


15 reprints

€ 490

30 reprints

€ 790

40 reprints

€ 990

100 reprints

€ 1590

  • Requested reprints are sent by surface mail just after the proof correction is done.