Message from Editor

Research on food and agriculture is progressively moving towards an interdisciplinary study of sustainable food production to meet the demands of growing human populations. However, as more countries industrialize, there is an increase in air and water pollution, soil contamination, depletion of the ozone layer, and elevated levels of global temperature. The unscientific uses of land and over- exploitation of natural resources for enhancing food production and productivity have robbed us of our balanced environment and have also put a heavy toll on human and animal health. This complex scenario challenges researchers to develop and test more appropriate technologies for sustainable agriculture. Research, for example, is being carried out to overcome the problems of environmental stress, minimize the use of pesticides, slow post-harvest storage losses and explore nutrition, animal science and human nutrition, by using conventional and new technologies such as biotechnology, mutation-assisted breeding and molecular biology.

The Journal of Food, Agriculture, and Environment (JFAE) is dedicated to meeting the need for a new journal that can encompass this wide range of topics and in an interdisciplinary approach. The journal publishes (on-line versions since 2014) peer-reviewed original research, protocols, critical reviews or short communications on the three closely interdependent areas and is a unique attempt on interdisciplinary studies that explore the intersection of food, agriculture and environment.

Authors are invited to provide the scientific community with news and information about recent scientific findings on some specific subjects. This will help many scientists to get acquainted with ongoing research projects. We encourage scientists or students to publish well-written manuscripts including recent findings, in our JFAE (writing instructions). 

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