General Information

Publishing scientific discoveries, data, or thought can only be done in scientific journals. It is the only agreed medium of disseminating science information around the world. Publishing in scientific journals like the Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (JFAE) enables scientists to share information amongst themselves and the general public. Scientific publications are inevitable for researchers and academicians and we at the JFAE fully comprehend this. We also recognise that, researchers need publications to showcase their academic activities or pursuits, obtain promotion in the academic world and consequently funding.
The journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, is international  and covers the science of food, health, agriculture & environment. The JFAE publishes original research, critical reviews or short communications in food science and technology, human nutrition and health, agriculture and environment management. The journal covers fundamental and applied research on various topics including articles on current issues of general interest (read more).

The  journal also exists in electronic form. The electronic journal accepts original research, reviews or short notes. This journal provides an excellent opportunity for researchers, lecturers, students or experts to publish their research work or findings online. The Publisher occasionally  keeps, free online access to the journal in order to increase the online visibility. The journal accepts announcements, advertisements, news, meetings, the abstracts of meetings, summary of meetings, book reviews, etc. We welcome professional contributions, suggestions and proposals from all parts of the world.

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The JFAE  has been  temporarely and for a short time only, an open access journal to serve the scientific community, policy makers and the general public.