Editorial Board

The editorial board consists of well-known experts from different countries and a group of technical editors, competent research scientists in their respective fields. We decided to reshape the editorial board and we welcome new editors to join the different subject areas.

The director and editor in chief of the Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment (JFAE) express deep gratitude to all editors, reviewers, authors and all other contributors. Our collective effort gave the JFAE the ability to accomplish its goal of bringing excellent science information to the scientific community and the world at large. We look forward to improving our  products and services, we will therefore count on your active, innovative and professional contributions.

We are delighted to invite experts or senior scientists to join our team of experienced, enthusiastic and hardworking editors. If you have not already applied, we encourage you to apply for a position on the editorial board of the JFAE . We welcome your CV or resume and motivation letter.

Editor in Chief:
Raina Niskanen PhD. (Finland)

Assistant Editor:
Irmeli Halttu  (Finland)

Associate Editor:
Hari Pant Prof. (USA)
Yulong Yin Prof.(China)

Technical Assistant:
Chu Thanh Chau
Klemens Slodyczka

Editorial Review Board Members per Section:
Food and Health

A.Tegbaru (Prof.), (Sweden)
M. Pessarakli (Prof.), (USA)
E.Fallahi (Prof.), (USA)
Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq (Dr.), Pakistan
Amin Mousavi Khaneghah (PhD), Brazil
Konstantinos M. Kasiotis (PhD), Greece
Gunjan Mukherjee (PhD), India
Sunil Pareek (ass. Prof.), India
Yueming Jiang (Prof.), China
Bhaskar C Behera (Dr.),  India
Sulhattin Yasar (Prof.), Turkey
Gopinadhan Paliyath (Prof.), Canada
Babankumar (Dr.), India
Collins Njie Ateba (PhD), South Africa
Ran Ye (Dr.), USA
Roberto Saavedra, Chile 

Tilahun S. Workneh (Prof.), South Africa
Shreekant Deshpanded (PhD), USA
Gulzar Ahmad Nayik (Dr.), India


Moustafa M. Zeitoun (Prof.),  KSA
Anthony O. Esilaba (PhD),  Kenia
Arda Yıldırım (Ass. Prof.), Turkey
Dragan Žnidarčič (Prof.),Slovenia
Fánor Casierra-Posada (Dr.), Colombia
Francesco Montemurro (Dr.), Italy
Kitherian Sahayaraj (Ass. Prof.), India
Mohammad Albaji (Ass.Prof.),  Iran
Mohammad Asif (PhD.), Canada
Teodor Rusu (Prof.), Romania
Sandip Debnath (PhD.),  India
Shakeel Ahamd Anjum (Ass.Prof.), Pakistan
Apostolos Kyriazopoulos (Ass.Prof.),  Greece
Dilip Kumar Das (Prof.), INDIA
K. G. Mandal (PhD.), India
Mirza Barjees Baig (Prof.), Canada
Emad Al-Karablieh (Prof.),  Jordan
Tugay Ayasan (Dr.), Turkey
Changhe Lu (Prof.), China
Muhammad Munir (Dr.), UK
P. Duraimurugan (Dr.) India
Shamel Mohamed Alam-Eldein (Dr.), Canada
G.D. Satish Kumar (Dr.),  India
Baleshwar Singh (Dr.), India
Parvaiz Ahmad (Prof.), India
Mahananda Chutia (Dr.), India
Ketema Tilahun Zeleke (Dr.), Australia
Wei Hu (Dr.), Canada
 Xiaohua YU (Prof.), Germany
Ogunjimi Sunday (Dr.), Uk 
Meixue Zhou (Ass. Prof.), Austalia /Tasmania
Srinivasa Rao Mentreddy (Prof.), USA
Hui-Lian Xu (Dr.), Japan
Hongsheng Liu (Ass.Prof.), China
Senthilvel Senapathy (Dr.), India
Jiban Shrestha (Dr.), Nepal

Adams Sadick, Ghana
Ming Meng (Prof.), China
Mostafa Moradzadeh (PhD.), Iran
Rachna Chandra (Dr.), India
Viktor J. Bruckman (Dr.), Austria
Talal Almeelbi (Dr.), Saudi Arabia,
Lin Du (Ass.Prof.), Denmark
Masayuki Aizawa (Dr.), Japan
Gordana Medunić (Prof.), Croatia