Article submission process

The type of manuscripts and additional contributions that you can make are listed below. To commence the article submission  process, the corresponding Author, should send us an email containing a short abstract of your article (subject area). After which, we will decide if the paper fits the scope of the journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (JFAE) or not (read more). The   corresponding Author, only, must do Submission of manuscript(s). 

  • Research article (full-length)
  • Review articles
  • Short communications
  • Letters to the Editors Views/Opinions
  • Correspondence section (reports on seminars, workshops etc.)

If the article is suitable, a full-length manuscript must be sent to at least two or three external reviewers (native English speakers) before you submit it to the JFAE.

Full names and addresses including the emails of the two or three reviewers must be mentioned in the final letterPapers without proper revision will be rejected.

Once the manuscript is fully reviewed, improved and corrected, you may send it first via email (MS Word). Please double-check your manuscript (language, symbols, equations, references, statistical test, please use 300 dpi to 600 dpi when scanning photos but DO NOT scan figures or tables, use the originals).
If your manuscript contains symbols, complicated graphs or tables, equations etc., we kindly invite you to send it by airmail. An electronic version of the manuscript  should be saved on a CD in a format compatible with MS Word. The electronic version should be sent alongside one hard copy of the manuscript. This will enable us to check all the symbols, equations, signs etc. used in your text carefully (please include the original prints of photographs, etc.). Please include all tables or photos in  the body of the text.

Please note that inadequate or incorrect manuscripts will be rejected. At least two native English scientists or three language specialists must check the English of the manuscript.

  • The corresponding Author will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of his or her paper(s) by email.
  • Only accepted manuscript(s) will be published speedily. The estimated period varies between three and six months.
  • A galley proof will be sent (pdf file) to the corresponding author only, by email. We request you to include all your e-mails and complete postal addresses in your manuscript.
  • Our office must receive by airmail (No e-mails) the signed copyright form and the publication fee before the deadline; otherwise, we will postpone the publication of your manuscript(s).
  • When the publisher’s office receives the requested documents before the deadline, we will send the hard copy of the journal to the corresponding author (reprints if paid, will be sent earlier) only, by airmail. Co-authors can purchase  an extra copy of the journal(s) or some reprints. Please click here for more details

When preparing a manuscript, authors should refer to a recent  issue of the journal (printed or online version or to the sample article which can be downloaded from Mention the name of the sections under which your article should be considered. Check the journal subject area.

The manuscript should be accompanied by a letter of transmittal (sent by email or by airmail), where the author may specify the name of reviewers who have reviewed the manuscript plus three or more potential referees including their complete addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and areas of expertise.
The detailed instructions for manuscript preparation are given below. The corresponding author must obtain the consent of all the co-authors for the submission of the manuscript. A manuscript submission form is also required. (Please, add full mailing addresses and all emails of co-authors). Manuscripts will only be accepted on the understanding that the contents have neither been published nor are being considered for publication elsewhere.

The corresponding Author(s) must ensure that, all submitted original research articles, reviews or notes have been reviewed by native English scientists. Once we receive your contribution, our experts will go through it once again. The accepted manuscript or other contributions will be published both in the print and online version of the journal. The Editorial board of the journal may ask authors to submit additional information or illustrations such as photos in GIF or JPEG format for the online journal, and TIFF format for the print journal.

The text must be written in grammatically correct English and well structured in both style and content. Poorly written manuscripts will NOT be considered for publication.

Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, the corresponding author will be asked to send or assign the full copyright of the article to WFL Publisher Oy before the deadline. Otherwise, the publication of the paper will be postponed (read more).