Manuscript Submission Form

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Please print out the Manuscript-Submission-Form full name(s) of Author(s), their email(s) and complete postal address(es).
You  may also send the filled form using our e-mail : info (at)

You should submit your manuscript as an attached doc, rar or pdf file.  (Do not attach wrong files such as docx, or txt or something else). The system supports doc, rar or pdf formats, only.


Before the final submission of your manuscript to the JFAE, the Author MUST SEND his / her paper for editing and full evaluation:

1. To a language centre to correct grammatical mistakes or reformulate sentences and or improve the quality.

2. To appoint  at least 3-4 external known scientists or experts by yourself  to review your paper (preferably from some English- speaking countries).

3. Kindly  implement all corrections, comments, details or statements given by reviewers or editors, in order to improve your paper. Once all corrections are done properly,  you may submit  your manuscript  to the JFAE.

4. Along with your paper submission, we want to have full names, emails and details of the experts or scientists who have edited Your paper(s). We will continue the work from our side.

5. Along with the corrected and improved paper submission, we want to have the final statement or decision of the reviewers with more details. Otherwise, we will reject your paper.

6. Based on the comments of the reviewers / editors, kindly submit the final corrected version of your paper (well corrected, well edited and well written)  to our journal.

The JFAE editorial board will consider reviewers comments and make some minor corrections or changes on the submitted paper.You are reminded to consider the importance of the theme of your paper to avoid it being rejected.

The Author is fully responsible for the content, evaluation and quality of the submitted paper (§:Journal policy).

The JFAE Conflict of Interest Declaration Form 

Journal Name:

Title of Manuscript:

Section of the Manuscript:    Food  [ ]       Agriculture   [ ]       Environment [ ]

Please tick one to the response below:

  1. I the corresponding author declare that the co-authors and I have no conflicting interest as defined by the JFAE that might be perceived to influence the data, results, discussion or conclusions reported in this manuscript [ ].
  2. I the corresponding author and co authors have conflicting interest as defined by the JFAE, that might be perceived to influence the data, results, discussion and conclusions reported in this manuscript [].

 If you checked number 2, please provide detailed description of the potential conflict of interest here

 I declare the information I have provided is correct [ ].

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