Production Practices and Quality Assessment of Food Crops 4 Volumes:
Vol. 4: Postharvest Treatment and Technology

Editors: Ramdane Dris PhD. and S. Mohan Jain PhD.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are susceptible to a number of postharvest diseases and disorders. Postharvest operations are predominately aimed at maintaining the harvest quality. The challenge facing industries is to produce food of good quality with few chemical inputs as public concern increases over food safety, environmental issues and chemical resistance.

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  • Enzymes and Quality Factors of Fruits and Vegetables;
  • Volatile Flavours in Strawberries: A Description of The Components, and How to Analyse Them;
  • Methods to Evaluate the Antioxidant Activity;
  • Essential Oil Drugs -Terpene Composition of Aromatic Herbs;
  • Fruit and Vegetables Harvesting Systems;
  • Integral Handling of Banana;
  • Economics and Organisation of Horticultural Postharvest Production;
  • Handling Machinery and Damage Inflicted to the Product;
  • Mechanical Damage During Fruit Post-Harvest Handling: Technical and Physiological Implications;
  • Harvest and Postharvest Conditions for Apples and Pears;
  • Rapid Quality Evaluation Techniques of Horticultural Crops;
  • Table Grape Postharvest Management and Safety Issues;
  • Fruit Postharvest Technology: Instrumental Measurement of Ripeness and Quality;
  • Developmental Changes During Strawberry Fruit Ripening and Physico-Chemical Changes During Postharvest Storage;
  • Processing of horticultural Crops in the Tropics;
  • Quality Dynamics and Quality Assurance of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Pre- and Postharvest; Modification of Fruit Ripening by Genetic Transformation;
  • Quality of Equilibrium Modified Atmosphere Packaged (EMAP) Fresh-Cut Vegetables.

This book will be especially useful to researchers engaged in post harvest research, the graduate and post-graduate students majoring in food sciences and researchers.