Plant Nutrition – Growth and Diagnosis Current Status and Future Prospects

Editors: Ramdane Dris PhD., Farouk Hassan Abdelaziz PhD., Shri Mohan Jain PhD.

Summary The main focus of this book is to deliver knowledge-based management tools. The use of recent methods or advanced techniques should make the information more meaningful to scientists and other readers and allow them to apply techniques to a wider range of crops. The manuscripts of this book address interactions between growth, mineral nutrition and quality performance for a wide variety of crops.

There are 43 chapters.

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  • Influence of mineral nutrition on yield and quality of apples;
  • Uptake of N, P, K and Ca by onion plants (Allium cepa L.);
  • Influence of crop residue compost and nitrogenous fertilizer on growth, nutrient uptake and fruit yield of tomato;
  • Sweet cherry fruit cracking as a result of different modes of calcium application;
  • Evaluation of nutritional status of different strawberry variaties;
  • Effect of mineral composition on quality changes in lettuce;
  • Influence of mineral composition on storability of cucumber;
  • Mineral composition and its impact on quality of onions (Allium cepa L.);
  • Effect of fertilization on yield and postharvest quality of vegetables;
  • Impact of nitrogen and calcium availability on apple quality;
  • Effect of fruit nutrient content and storage conditions on quality and storability of apple;
  • Impact of nitrogen nutrition on yield and quality of bean;
  • Cytokinins and potato productivity;
  • Response of ‘Ewaise’ mango trees to application of some slow-release nitrogenous fertilizers;
  • Crop management and sustainable production;
  • Influence of Lactofol on quality of pepper seed after storage;
  • Relationship between nutrient content of soil, leaves and trunk circumference of apricot grown on sandy soils;
  • Evaluation of chemical quality in fruit during maturation of soursop (Annona muricataL.);
  • Red beet as bioindicator of urban soil pollution by heavy metals;
  • Fertilization of apple trees on Shandong province of China;
  • Nitrate levels in vegetables grown in Lithuania and factors influencing their accumulation;
  • Effect of nitrogenous fertilizers on yield and chemical composition of thyme;
  • Influence of nitrogenous fertilizers on onion yield, quality and storability;
  • Ecological and agronomical aspects of associative nitrogen fixation in vegetable growing;
  • Apricot nutritional imbalances as determined by foliar diagnosis and Dris norms;
  • Influence of selenium in nature and human diet;
  • Mineral nutrition of fruits;
  • Interactions of orchard factors and phosphorus nutrition on quality of pome fruits;
  • Effect of copper nutrition in commercial apple orchards;
  • Role of iron nutrition in commercial apple orchards;
  • Interaction of nutrition and environment on manganese status in apple orchards;
  • Influence of potassium nutrition in commercial apple orchards;
  • Magnesium nutrition in apple orchards;
  • Studies on the influence of spraying some nutrients and ascorbic acid on inflorecence malformation and fruiting of ‘Taimour’ mangos;
  • Attempt at producing Egyptian lime fruits year round by fruit thinning using NAA;
  • Effect of phenyl urea cytokinin on yield, berry development, maturity and fruit quality of Flame vines;
  • Trace elements and heavy metal contents of fruits and vegetables in the environs of Gediz river;
  • Nitrogen metabolism in roots and leaves of green bean plants (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Strike) under nitrogen deficiency;
  • Irrigation capacity and prospects for developing crop production in Algeria;
  • Mineral composition of carrot (Daucus carota L.);
  • Role of farmyard manure in integrated nutrient management in Indian soils for sustainable crop production;
  • Influence of zinc nutrition in apple orchards;
  • Influence of calcium on calcium deficiency related disorders in vegetables.