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All notifications come from the board of the WFL Publisher.

-The Journal JFAE will be as an electronic version only.
Electronic ISSN: 1459-0263  (From 2015 the printed version of the journal is stopped)

Author(s) or Co-Author(s), Libraries, Institutions or companies may purchase extra copies of the journal JFAE (2003-2014) or books.

Author(s) may deposit the published pdf. copies of articles in the University’s institutional repository or in some scientific sites such as the belows. The institutional repository must  not be for a profit service for academic authors, providing open access to the full-text of their publications. Full bibliographic details must be given for each paper and any other acknowledgement and details of the journal and WFL publisher etc.

Recommend our Journals to be added in the E-journal list  of your Library, Department or Universities. The Ministry of Higher Education of your Countries may include The journal(s) in Their Database (read more).

 We invite  scientists to cite articles published in the Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (JFAE), while submitting articles to other journals.

In order to provide the scientific community with news or information, we allow teachers, students, researchers, scientists or experts to report all information or abstracts published on this site ( and or in:

Please add  the JFAE  link as the source of the information.

Kindly respect the scientific publishing ethics and mention carefully, the source of the information including the full name of the Author(s), the name of the journal (Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment), Volume number, issue number, page numbers and a link of the WFL Publisher’s site (§:Terms of use).

Invite your library or department to subscribe to the  JFAE and or to create a link to this website (read more>>).

We welcome your suggestions, proposals or information.

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Adel A. Kader, Emeritus Professor of Postharvest Physiology at Davis University (California, USA)