We seek donations from individuals, companies, granting agencies, large corporations, international financial institutions, governments and the united nations agencies. Funding bodies that are committed to disseminating sciences are especially called to partnership with us. This is to help provide opportunities for  students or scientists from developing countries to take part in scientific events or to join a  traineeship  programme. 

We may cover the living costs of some students or  scientists or trainees from developing countries, when possible.

Donations will also help libraries to subscribe to the scientific journals (print and or online versions), purchase books and help students or researchers to publish their research findings or to take part in some scientific meetings or events.
As part of this mission, the WFL Publisher Limited has donated some books to some libraries of some developing countries.

We encourage students or scientists from developing countries to apply  for study positions or co-work in ongoing scientific activities to learn new methods, programmes and to gain work experience.

For more details, we kindly invite you to contact us.

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