The International Society of Food, Agriculture and Environment – ISFAE Ry, is an independent non-profit scientific society. As a source of knowledge and information, it is a lively interface between academicians and professionals. It is dedicated to meeting the need for new opportunities that can encompass interdisciplinary approaches.

ISFAE Ry is dynamic, and seeks  to bring together  young and experienced scientists or professionals worldwide, whose collaboration can promote science in a manner that will improve lives of millions around the globe. The society  executes this mandate by promoting scientific events, meetings,  research and development in all its forms and facets. It facilitates knowledge transfer on a global scale by means of its publications.

As a society that has emerged from academic roots and values, the ISFAE Ry adheres rigorously to the requirements, principles, achievements and developments of science.

Membership is open to scientists, researchers, students, experts, institutions or libraries (application form).

We offer  traineeship opportunities for students, researchers, scientists or volunteers to gain work experience.

For more details, contact us.