Fruits: Growth, Nutrition, and Quality

Editor: Ramdane Dris PhD.

Foreward Over recent years worldwide climatic changes have raised concerns about whether they will exert potential changes to fruit yields and production systems. To address these concerns Fruits: Growth, Nutrition, and Quality pulls together into one volume a series of papers describing comprehensive research on the influence of different growing conditions on the production and quality of fruits. Well known experts discuss in detail the full spectrum of issues involving plant growth, development, mineral nutrition, production, and quality improvement of fruits. Fruits: Growth, Nutrition, and Quality, is a text for educators, growers, researchers, and students. It contains the latest information from a multitude of sources on how to best maintain nutritional integrity while maximizing both fruit quality and yield of many varieties of fruits. There are chapters on the influence of the soil, weed, disease, and insect control through to those concerned with harvesting and optimal postharvest storage. This book details the essential knowledge you need to have about fruits for their optimal growth and quality. Growth, Nutrition, and Quality gathers together into one volume vital fruit growing information, making it an essential resource for educators, horticulturists, food technologists, agriculturalists, environmentalists, researchers, and students.

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Citrus Junos Sieb. Ex Tanaka (Yuzu) Fruit

Masayoshi Sawamura 

Sapote Mamey: Postharvest Behaviour And Storage Of A Valuable Tropical Fruit
Silvia Bautista-Baños , Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez And Ramón Villanueva-Arce 

Quality Responses Of Deciduous Fruits To Deficit Irrigation
M.H. Behboudian , B.S. Mpelasoka, Z. Singh And T.M. Mills

Implication Of Calcium On The Performance Of Apple Quality After Harvest
Ramdane Dris

Fruit Orchard Factors And Quality Parameters In Apples And Pears
Celia E. Benítez, Héctor R. Castro And Claudia B. González

Native And Introduced Species Of Small Fruits In Austral Patagonia
Miriam E. Arena And Gustavo L. Vater

Sweet Cherry Fruit Growth And Carbohydrate Accumulation
Tomislav Jemric and Nikola Pavicic

Cactus Pear: Fruit Quality Management And Potential For Processing
Antonio Piga 

Influence Of Environmental Conditions And Orchard Management On Cherry Productivity And Fruit Quality
Stefano Predieri And Ramdane Dris 

Field Practice And Processing Of Rabbiteye Blueberry (Vaccinium Ashei Reade)
Max E. Austin 

Nutrition And Fertigation Of Fruit Crops Under Peninsular Indian Conditions
Raghupathi, H. B And K. Srinivas 

Effects Of Soil Management Techniques On Grape And Wine Quality
S.J. Wheeler And G.J. Pickering