Effect of artificial aeration, inoculation of bacteria and plant growth on nutrient removal from poultry wastewater in trickling columns fed with reactive media

Author: Lin Wang 1, 2, Guo-Xue Li 2, Florent Chazarenc 3, Chun-Xiang Liu 2 and Ji Li 2*
Received 11 January 2012, accepted 28 April 2012.

Rapid infiltration systems are effective at removing nutrients from wastewater, and their purification efficiency can be improved by using selected substrates. We evaluated the effects of different substrates (sand mixed with 1, 3, 5 or 7% of cinder, diatomite, active carbon or fly ash) on nutrient removal of poultry wastewater capacities. The set up consisted of coarse concrete sand (1.0–2.0 mm) mixed with one of the tested reactive media. The best removal efficiency was obtained using a 7% weight ratio of cinder mixed with sand, where a removal efficiency of 93.6% and 96.9%, respectively, for chemical and biochemical oxygen demand (COD, BOD5), and of 70.1% and 99.7%, respectively, for total and ammonia nitrogen (TN, NH4+-N), and 96.8% for total phosphorus (TP), were observed. In a second phase, bioaugmentation techniques, including aeration, microorganism inoculation and plant growing, were tested to increase nutrient removal in a system using a sand substrate mixed with cinder at a weight ratio of 7%. The increase of performance was observed for 4% of TP, and 11% of TN by artificial aeration, inoculation of bacteria and plant growth.

Journal: Food, Agriculture and Environment (JFAE)
Online ISSN: 1459-0263Year: 2012, Vol. 10, Issue 2, pages 1041-1044. Publisher: WFL.

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