Crop Management and Postharvest Handling of Horticultural Crops (4 Volumes)
Vol.4. Disease and Disorder of Fruit and Vegetables

Editor: Ramdane Dris PhD.

Summary This book covers various aspects of quality losses of fruits and vegetables, and the different treatments to be assessed. For the most part, the book addresses interactions between pre- or postharvest treatments and quality performance for a wide variety of food crops. It provides information on latest methods, techniques or treatments, which should be more meaningful to scientists and the other readers, and allow them to apply such techniques.

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  • Control of Postharvest Diseases of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables by Preharvest Application of Antagonistic Microorganisms;
  • Influence of Calcium on Tipburn in Vegetables;
  • Characteristics and Control of Harvest and Postharvest Disorders in Apples and Pears;
  • Postharvest Biological and Integrated Control of Fungal Pathogens on Fruit;
  • Biosynthesis of Flavonoids in Citrus and Its Involvement in the Antifungal Defence Mecanisms;
  • Reduction of Chilling Injury Disorders in Citrus Fruit;
  • Strawberry Fungal Diseases;
  • Hop and Olive Diseases;
  • Fungal Diseases of Grape