Crop Management and Postharvest Handling of Horticultural Crops (4 Volumes)
Vol. 3. Crop Fertilization, Nutrition and Growth

Editors: Ramdane Dris PhD., Raina Niskanen PhD., Shri Mohan Jain PhD.
Summary This book has complied information on management tools, and also to review factors affecting plant mineral nutrition and growth. We have highlighted the importance of fertilizers and mineral nutrition to improve agricultural production, yield, and amelioration of soil fertility. This book also highlights growth, production, yield and quality which can be limited by suboptimal conditions such as soil, salinity, poor drainage, water supply, fertilization programmes, physical conditions affecting root growth and function or handling operations. The production of good quality food can not be achieved without the strict control of the use of fertilizers and other pesticide sprays. Thirteen chapters are included in the present book.

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  • Environmental Effects of Fertilizers;
  • Crop Quality Under Adverse Conditions:
  • Importance of Determining the Nutritional Status;
  • The Importance of Boron in Apple Production;
  • Integrated Nutrient Management in Indian Soils for Sustainable Crop Production;
  • Role of Phosporus in Carbon Uptake, Fruit Yield and Quality in Strawberry;
  • Nutrition of Tropical Horticulture Crops and Quality Products;
  • Soil Fertility Management with Wood Ash;
  • Role of Grafting in Horticultural Plants;
  • Domestication of Jujube Fruit Trees.